Before Treatment
After Treatment
Park Park
Female / 42 Years, complaints of Cystic Acne large painful with scars. Recovered in three months of treatment
Park Park
Male / 6 Years, complaints of Spasmodic cough and chronic Blepharitis (eye lash infection). Recovered in 15 days of treatment
Park Park
Male / 22 Years, complaints of recurrent viral warts on hands. Recovered in 2 months of treatment
Park Park
Male / 46 Years, complaints of Plaque Psoriasis since eight years. Recovered in six months of treatment and continued for observation
Park Park
Female / 38 Years, complaints of contact dermatitis of foot since one year. Recovered in three months of treatment
Park Park
Female / 63 Years, complaints of Palmoplantar psoriasis since three years. Recovered in five months of treatment
Park Park
Male / 7 Years, complaints of Scalp wart since two years. Recovered in one month of treatment
Park Park
Male / 12 Years, complaints of Alopecia Areata since five months. Recovered in one month of treatment
Park Park
Male / 55 Years, complaints of Scalp Psoriasis since one year. Recovered in two months of treatment

Patient Testimonials

Her patience to listen understand and give solution is matchless. I strongly recommend her. I used travel even 40kms to meet her as ..I feel no one can replace her. Thanks a lot to Dr Sujatha.

- Mr. Amarnath

When my family was diagnosed for covid,Dr. Sujatha mam had taken care with timely homeopathic treatment and boosting confidence in my low times when i was really scared, mam is very polite and takes extra care. With her treatment my uncles diabetis has come to control now. Her response to patients is instant.along with treatment mam also gives best counselling.

- C.Jayasree

I have been taking treatment for my mother and father who are 70 & 77 years respectively for multiple alignment during the lockdown period through phone consultation (video calls). I would like to saying after 1-2 months of medication I see a positive response in my mother who was suffering from palm psoriasis and it had spread to her lower part of her legs. The itching was painful. After 2 months of medication itching and scars have completely gone for my mother. For my father who is 77 years had itching through is body for an couple of years is also dramatically reduced. I am continuing treatment with her for other age related issues. I will definitely recommend her since she is very polite and calms the patient and her treatment has given lot of positive results which allopathy did not give in my parents case.

- Manjunath

I found Dr. Sujatha to be a very patient person, with a personality that elicited information without being obtrusive. Her demeanor is that of a very confident person, yet with a soft heart. She listens to the patient, ensuring that I, the patient, am completely comfortable in unburdening myself to her. She has the depth of experience and the width of medical jurisprudence to arrive at her choice of medicines with the least fuss, and with immense confidence. The problem for which I had approached her was resolved in a matter of 3 doses of a single remedy, which is one of the basic foundations of Homoeopathy.

- Pradeep Srinivas

We have been consulting Dr Sujatha since 2013. Our initial visit was for our child, and gradually she has become our family doctor. Her treatment gave us great relief in many critical situations. Our extended family members from Kerala also consulted her after listening to our experience with her. I have much more to say about Dr Sujatha, but here I am winding up with this much.

- Shyna Rajesh

For a teenager like me, she was very approachable and could relate to my worries which many people of the same age wouldn't be able to understand. It was a very pleasant experience and my situation has improved quite a lot after visiting her. She looks for overall development rather than just treating the problem.

- Dharini

I took a treatment for my psoriasis a year back. Many people said that this problem troubles a person for more than 20 years. But, within three to four months after taking treatment from this doctor (Dr Sujata), it just vanishes. I'm free from all the symptoms of Psoriasis. These days, I'm normally avoiding allopathy medicines and I prefer this doctor for all my families' homoeopathy needs. * **** ****** ** *** ******** *** strongly recommended for all.

- Dharmaraju BK

Doctor shown concern and assured me to meet me soon for the treatment when I called her. She reached me in 15 min and explained very patiently for the reason why I'm suffering from cold,fever and cough. Her words were so soothing. She prescribed medicines and explained in details how to follow and which food is good for my health. She kept track of my body parameters every morning and evening. She is one of the best doctor I met. Her medicines are so effective, so could regain my health in 3 days.

-Female / 57 Years

Doctor is calm, patiently listens all the problem and gives the solutions. She has a human and personal touch in treating her patients. I went to her for the first time for my son when he got dengue. Without hospitalization in three days he recoverd from Dr. Sujatha medicines. After this we started my son all treatment with her for cough, cold, fever..... . i and my husband, bhabhi,sister family from dehradun also took treatment from her. Other my family members amdfreinds also got treatment from her.. All are happy with her. We always got the good treatment for our ailments. She had become our family doctor. I referred her for my friends and relatives. We had taken treatment for almost all the problems.

- Female / 36Years

She studies the patient and suggests. Immediate relief plus root cause. Friendly. Replies to WA enquiries. Cured depression.

- Rekha s k

She speaks to patients calmly and patiently. And explains them what to do or what not to do. The medicine prescribed by her works well for my family.

- Uma

I consulted for skin problem on my face for dark spots about 4 months back. Gradually the dark spots are getting lighter n I am happy with Dr Sujatha's treatment.

-Anitha Arun Kumar

I've been Doctor Sujata's patient for few years now. N m very happy that I am able to have a, better Heath now. I'd definitely recommend Dr Sujata for any of your health issues. Thank you


Madam is soo friendly she listens to our problems calmly and give suitable suggestions for our problem when ever I meet her with lot of issues she will be my solution and my guide I haven't seen the doctor treating like Sujatha mam i like the way she treat us

-Female / 21 Years

Doctor ia treating me for thyroid, my TSH levels were high even after taking Thyronorm tablets. Now with her treatment my TSH levels are normal and am feeling better and relaxed. I found the doctor is very comforting and her advices are more practicle to be followed. …

-Female / 74 Years

I had pimples on my face after taking the treatment it has completely cured .Now I don't have any complaints of pimples.doctors explanation and communication I liked very much

-Female / 35Years

Dr Sujata treated my son for psoriasis. She is very friendly and methodical. Treatment helped my son to beat the allergies seen very young age. I recommend her for psoriasis and other treatment.

-Male / 7 years

I was treated by Dr Sujatha for my emotional complaints along with good homeopathic medicines as well as the right counselling she helped me get through it! For good results definitely go here!

-Female / 26Years


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